Game Date & Final Score
Away City 0 Period 1 0 Home City
Away Team 20:00 Home Team
Overlapping shift count
's shifts by period
's shifts by strength
Overlapping time on ice
's TOI by period
's TOI by strength


  • All comparison are vs. top row player (player A). Strength is from A's team perspective.
  • Pie charts reflect A's shift (or TOI) allocation. Clicking on a slice filters A's shifts (or TOI) for the selected criteria.
  • Percentages displayed on bars are relative to A's filtered shift count (or TOI). For example:
         C's overlapping shift count % = A and C's overlapping shift count under filters / A's shift count under filters.
    Interpretation: C is on the ice for __% of A's shifts.
  • "Overlapping" shift between A and C is any shift for which both players are on the ice together for at least 3 seconds.
  • "Mixed" strength shift is any shift that comprises more than one strength situation. This is not relevant for overlapping ice time since that is calculated on each second rather than each shift.
  • Shift counts and TOI are calculated independently so filters applied to one do not apply to the other.